Caz Ching's Top 5 Life Hacks for Growth

5 Life Hacks from a TTI Growth Hacker

… in the time of Corona

By Caz Ching

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year, and that means a whole new set of obstacles that we must overcome individually and as a group- that have not yet been encountered before.

What surprised me was that our learnings from the growth hacking program were applicable to our lives as well. Not just our lives in the future, but our lives in the here and now, amongst these strange and interesting times.

By laser-focusing into customer needs and deep-diving into their behaviour, we could gain insights that helped businesses pivot or persevere. There isn’t a single business that wouldn’t benefit from the innovative ideas and data-backed strategies we bring to the table. Especially NOW. If they are cash-strapped, growth hacking has become more relevant than ever.

Of course, you may be still wondering. So what are the top 5 life hacks from a growth hacker then? How is this relevant?

Let me tell you.

🚀 Caz’s Guide to the Top 5 Life Hacks for Growth 🚀

  1. Experimental Mindset.     In the first week at TTI, we learnt that acting on assumptions rather than  testing them often led to costly mistakes for businesses. In the same way, you need to test what works for you if you want the best outcome for you. Intermittent fasting works for me, but would it work for you? Test it!
  1. Find Your North Star. A great business has their own north star that underpins all decisions. It’s their mission and there are values that underpin this. Similarly, what is your north star? It’s so easy to feel lost in the game  of life. We need that personal and professional overarching goal to orient and guide us on our journeys. They also need to be specific yet malleable  enough to stand the test of time.
  1. Be Data-driven. Like the first hack, it’s so easy to lose yourself or even delude yourself into thinking one option is better than another. In the fast-paced world of start ups, pivotal decisions must be made quickly and accurately on a regular basis. Without testing and tracking data, they would not learn fast enough to survive the next round of funding. This is something we can apply to our everyday decision-making. From where we live to which stocks we should buy- do your research and ground them in data.
  1. Make good use of technology. At TTI, we used a wide range of tools and software to help us analyse and strategise the best methods for hacking growth. But did you know a lot of these tools are also relevant and helpful for our personal lives too? Notion, for example, is not only great for creating a collaborative workspace. It also helped me move house, keep track of things to do and set appointments and future goals. Try it out!
  1. Communication is key. When you are growth hacking, you are performing a cross-functional role between marketing, data and product teams. Alternatively, you might be all three! It is vital that your teams and management have a solid understanding of what is being done and needs to be done, to ensure as smooth of a process as possible. So if you’d like a solid relationship with your partner, family and friends- you need to keep communicating in a language they understand.

 So now that you’ve heard my top hacks, what are you waiting for?

Head out there and hack your life for personal and professional growth 💪

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