Sandra Krol - Growth Hacking Trainee

How I turned 2020 around! Hello everyone! 2020 sure did throw some punches… but I threw them right back with The Talent Institute in my corner.

Let me explain. I’m not about to sit here and tell you how horrible 2020 was…okay it wasn’t ideal to say the least. But despite all the pandemic and panic-buying toilet paper, I will tell you how I took advantage and turned this year around for myself and my career. I graduated with a Bachelors in Advertising, however my background was also in Media and Design. But I was looking for something more. I didn’t want a mundane job in the industry, I want to run my own business one day. But that's a topic for another day :)I really was going to buckle down in 2020 and strive towards the ‘perfect job’, even though it probably doesn’t exist and to be honest I didn’t know what I was looking for. Okay! okay! You got me. I was lost.

But what I did know, was that wanted to make myself more valuable. I wanted to add more skills to my plate, challenge traditional thinking in the business world, utilise my passion for helping others as well as find likeminded people.
Cue to The Talent Institute.

After being shortlisted, interviewed and accepted. The world flipped upside and COVID-19 hit.

The brilliant minds at TTI adapted the program to suit the current climate and may I say, smash it out of the ballpark.Pandemic in full swing, I met my cohort through Zoom and Day 1 I already felt like I had known these people for years. Never have I got along with 10 strangers faster than I did that first day and this made me very excited. A support system to not only help guide me but a life long network of like-minded people to grow and share experiences with.

Although an intense month of training, I learn’t so much more in that one month than I did in the 3 years I studied at university. Not to mention that it was all hands on learning. Take the theory you learn from mentors, see examples to understand and apply it to your own case study. Which I personally think is the best way of learning. Although studying online over Zoom was a new concept for me, it ended up running very smoothly. Amanda, the program coordinator made sure it was all planned well, found alternatives where needed and provided support with the other mentors like MeiiHuii (who both had been through the program before) I found it extremely helpful having mentors with past experience who could just help where needed or keep everything fun whilst building upon skills.Without rambling on too much, I am someone who could just talk for days. So if you have any questions or want to hear more about my experience. Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn and I’ll chew your ear off. ☺️

Sandra taking on 2020

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