Pencil – The challenge, the Growth hacker solution and the TTI difference.

Pencil took part in The Talent Institute’s July 2019 program, where they were matched with our Growth Hacker Tom. Here is an insight into Pencil’s biggest challenge, our Growth Hackers approach to this challenge and The Talent Institute difference.

Pencil’s product:
Pencilpay is a platform that helps Suppliers & Distributors manage their trade accounts, from application to payment.

What was your companies biggest challenge when Tom joined your team?
My background over the last 15 years has been in building and delivering digital products. Digital marketing and growth have not been an area that I’ve dealt with. So, as a non-digital marketer in a startup providing a unique solution to a growing market, our biggest challenge was increasing the number of quality leads and having the right person to educate and inform us how best to do this.

How did the growth hacker tackle this challenge?
Hundreds and hundreds of experiments. Having a dedicated resource to spend their day’s energy on exploring all possible ways to engage our target market is critical. Tom has trialled and tested email, social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), drip campaigns and the list goes on. He prepared detailed plans based on his hypothesis and iterated as he went to optimise and reduce the cost per lead on a daily basis. As Tom found growth hacks that worked he doubled down on them to deliver a constant stream of qualified leads to our sales team.

In your opinion, how is a trainee from the Talent Institute different?
From the very first experience with TTI to now, I’ve seen their key successful in finding the most suitable growth hacker for your business was through how they filtered and matched the right candidate to your business product/service and company culture. Originally we had a different growth hacker assigned to us, who we were more than happy with. However, the day before the program started they called us in to meet Tom, who based what they knew about our business they highly recommended. After meeting with Tom we gave him some homework to go away and complete. The next day he came back to us with a detailed plan on how he would approach our sales objectives way over and above what we had expected. At this point, we knew he was the right growth hacker for us

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