Growth Masters | Ep.1 | Sujan Patel

Growth Masters

Episode 1 - Sujan Patel (MailShake)

We proudly sat down with entrepreneur and growth expert Sujan Patel to talk about his experience, the need to think about ‘channel market’ fit in addition to ‘product market’ fit, along with the concept of stacking growth.

Sujan is a veteran SaaS marketing leader with 15+ years’ experience, he has helped hundreds of companies – from emerging startups to Fortune 500 leaders – to create growth strategies that have generated massive increases in traffic and revenue. In addition to consulting work through his SaaS marketing agency, Web Profits. Sujan owns and operates multiple SaaS businesses, including Mailshakeand Right Inbox.

Having learned what it takes to succeed in SaaS business the hard way, Sujan has made it his mission to share everything he’s learned throughout his career. His book, 100 Days of Growth, has sold 50,000+ copies over the last five years!

If you are looking to hire a growth hacker for your business or to up-skill your team with the latest in digital marketing skills please say hi!

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