Christine Vu - Growth Hacking Trainee

The Talent Institute has taught me a lot.

I decided to apply for TTI once I finished my degree, and I can honestly say it was the best decision for me. After my degree, I didn’t feel as though I was ready to start work straight away. TTI was a great opportunity to learn skills that I never got to learn in University. Some of them included SEO/SEA, A/B Testing, Google Analytics and many more.

They train you intensively for the first 4 weeks with industry experts. I learned what a growth hacker was, and I truly am happy to now become a growth hacker myself. I can not recommend this program highly enough. This is the next step for you to do whether you are still studying for Marketing (or similar), just graduated or interested in the marketing world. I am now working with one of the placements that TTI has put me in and it is exciting to know we can impact our chosen company based on what we learn from this program. Looking forward to the rest of the program for the next coming months.

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