Andres Corbala - Growth Hacking Trainee


As a recent marketing and business systems graduate from the US, I had no clear direction as how to begin my career. I then decided to move to Melbourne, Australia to create my own path as a professional. It was then when I found The Talent Institute, or how I like to describe it “a life accelerator.”  When I first applied I was a bit unsure as to how I will be able to learn all these skills that I barely knew the overlay of, in a single month. And boy! did we go through them all, and even applied them too. The cool thing about this program was that we weren't just taught concepts, there were actual proven professionals highly skilled teaching us all. They would arrange various activities for us to apply these skills, and learn to apply them in our future placements. And be paid for it? I was already sold by the amount of skills that I would be able to learn that the pay was actually an add on for me. 

Even though we had the unfortunate timing and COVID-19 basically ruining everything, TTI made it work. Let me take you on my wild ride from the beginning up until my current situation. When I had received the invitation email to interview and complete a case study in order to see if I qualify for the program, I was already affected by the unfortunate situation of the ‘rona. I had to fly back home and regroup with my family, as they were all out and about as well. I went back and forth with the amazing TTI’s program coordinator Amanda, as to how we can make it work while I was in the US. And they moved mountains and oceans to make it work. We coordinated so I could take part in the program and begin creating my professional path. 

Throughout the intensive training month, we, the trainees, were able to create a strong network. We helped each other with our side hustles, we helped each other feel better when we were down because of corona, we looked out for each other and created a bond of very promising individuals. We learned from the best, like Mei Hueii, Chris Joannou, Amanda Ramondetta, to become our best.

My point is this: If you are trying to start a career and are looking for direction to become one of the best, AND in the process of doing so, you create a network that will be extremely beneficial for your future… join TTI.

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