Alejandra Angeles – Growth Hacking Trainee

I am from Mexico City and I moved to Australia in early 2018 to study a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Before moving to Australia, I worked as a Business Development Specialist for a couple of tech startups in Mexico and Germany.

Why did you join the GH traineeship at TTI?
I joined because I wanted to make a change in my career, I wanted to learn more about digital marketing and the growth hacker program from TTI really resonated with me. I read more about the program and I was just fascinated and excited that a program like that existed. So I applied and was lucky to make it to the traineeship. Looking back and reflecting on my journey, I can safely say that it’s been my best experience in Australia. I met some wonderful people through the program and I learned many new skills.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am about to finalise my traineeship with Energy Australia and through my experience working on the Human-Centered Design team at EnergyAustralia, I have fostered a customer-centric mentality. My role as a growth hacker required me to understand customer’s needs and identify when churn was at its highest, which I discovered through analysing quantitative and qualitative data. The result was the creation of nine customer journeys aim to eliminate wasteful touchpoints in the Customer Journey Map and identify strategies to reduce churn for the highest priority areas.

What are your biggest takeaways from the program?
I would say the change of mindset: learn fast and cheap, always test your ideas!

Fun Fact
During my first month with TTI we had to work in groups and develop a business idea. We used this business idea to experiment and test if our target audience, potential customers were actually interested. Therefore, we created a landing page, set up email campaigns and Facebook ads to create brand awareness and get potential customers to our product website. Our product idea was BALDY, a product that stimulates hair growth. My partner is a pharmacist and has actually created this product and tested Now, I am happy to announce that we will launch BALDY for the Australian market.

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