5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today

Growth Hacking thrives when you’re working with limited resources, time and budgets. It is an experimental process that focuses on achieving results, which is ultimately growth! How can we do this? Small adjustments in the way you operate your business and the customer experience can have profound impact. So what are some of these growth opportunities?

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5 Tips to grow your business today...

1. Have a look over the fence.

Use Facebook’s Page Transparency section to see what ads your competitors are running on Facebook. You don’t want to copy them, you want to be better. By having a look at their messaging, you may be able to find gaps that you can leverage on your own channels.

2. We all like a VIP list.

Use programs like Sumo or Hellobar  to capture the attention of your customers at different points of their experience on your website. You can offer discounts, competition entries and limited time offers while your potential customer is on live chat, is about to leave your website, has scrolled over 50% of the page… you get the idea.

Once you get this information, you can create email marketing campaigns targeted towards certain customers, or implement Facebook lookalike audiences - more of this later.

3. You’ve probably heard this before, but always optimise for mobile.

We’re all glued to our phones, and it’s a lot easier to capture people’s attention when you’re in the palm of their hand (literally). Have a look at your analytics on Facebook and Google Analytics tosee where the majority of your traffic is coming from. Is it Mobile? Optimise!

Get your grandmother, your shopaholic friend and those that resemble your target market to give you feedback on your website. Get feedback on both the desktop and mobile experience as user experience is everything. It’s good to get constructive criticism from everyone (even if they’re not in your target market as they may pick up something that will benefit all visitors). It is best to be objective about all the feedback you receive.

If you want some impartial advice, there are plenty of websites that can give you more technical feedback on how to ensure your website is mobile friendly. Here are a few: Mobi.Ready, GTMetrix, Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights from Google.

4. Would you like fries with that?

Up-selling and cross selling are great ways to increase your average order value (AOV) on your e-commerce site. Being able to offer a superior item on product pages or recommended items to go with that products such as accessories, is a great way to increase that customers order value and encourage additional purchases that the customer may not have originally thought about.

Start brainstorming ways to do this on your website and through your email marketing activity- everyone loves value, especially when it solves a problem when they didn’t know they had!

5. “My phone’s listening to me!” 

There’s a fine line between having an omni-channel presence, and just being plain creepy. Adding a Facebook pixel on your website allows you to create a custom audience based on interactions on the website. You’ll be able to target people who have clicked on ads, watched videos, made purchases or who have visited certain web pages.

You want to make sure that by re-targeting these people, you’ve got the messaging right and are able to build on the fantastic first impression they’ve had on your website.

We hope you have found these tips helpful!

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