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The Talent Institute is part of Startupbootcamp (SBC), the world's largest industry-focused accelerator program. Since 2010, SBC has trained thousands of innovators, and in the last three years, TTI has placed over 350 growth hackers in more than 320 companies.

Our 6-month Growth Hacking traineeship program finds and trains digital talent, so that companies can hire the right digital talent. The program, headed by global startup experts from Startupbootcamp, will deliver insights on your growth imperatives such as customer engagement, conversion, and product/market fit.

By delivering digital talent with the right skills and mindset, TTI reduces organisations' recruitment and training costs and lets you try before hire.

Why join The Talent Institute?

Upon  completion of the program, our trainees are able to utilize these skills for  tasks such as:     

  • Make  informed decisions about marketing channels and market segmentation using  Google Analytics  
  • Think  critically about brand voice by analysing what’s on your website, social  media accounts, etc.
  • Create,  target, launch, and track social media and email marketing campaigns  Improve  customer conversion from browser to buying  
  • Find  a product/market fit through rapid experimentation
  • Optimise the customer journey across all your platforms
  • Create content that will engage your audience

Having a dedicated resource to spend their day’s energy on exploring all possible ways to engage our target market is critical.

greg Armstrong

Founder & CTO

We have been that impressed with the talent coming out of the growth hacker program that it is now going to be our go to for recruitment moving forward!

Vikram Bharati

Founder & CEO

Program Structure

We run a 6-month traineeship where our trainees learn the latest digital skills and tools. They then are placed within your company where they will start to apply these skills. At The Talent Institute, we believe it is not just what you know but your mindset. We have a strong emphasis on the Growth mindset, this is what differentiates our trainees from others.

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