Growth Hacker Thoughts

Hear how growth hacking is changing the companies we work with, our Growth Hacker's experience with us and all things digital marketing/ growth hacking related.

Growth Masters | Ep.1 | Sujan Patel

We proudly sat down with entrepreneur and growth expert Sujan Patel to talk about his experience, the need to think about ‘channel market’ fit in addition to ‘product market’ fit, along with the concept of stacking growth.

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today

Growth Hacking thrives when you’re working with limited resources, time and budgets. It is an experimental process that focuses on achieving results, which is ultimately growth!

Farah Hilmi - Growth Hacking Trainee

Read Farah's experience with the Growth Hacking traineeship and what she enjoys about Growth Hacking.

Stefan Bradley - Growth Hacking Trainee

Stefan Bradley`s experience with us as a The Talent Institute Growth Hacker trainee.

Christine Vu - Growth Hacking Trainee

Why Christine recommends The Talent Institute for young professionals.

Sandra Krol - Growth Hacking Trainee

Despite COVID-19's impact on us all, read how Sandra turned 2020 around!

Caz Ching's Top 5 Life Hacks for Growth

Caz shares her top 5 life hacks for personal and professional growth.

Andres Corbala - Growth Hacking Trainee

Andres Corbala's experience as a Growth Hacking trainee through Covid-19.

What even is GROWTH HACKING?

Marketing is a funny area to work in. I have clocked up 20 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly creative marketers are- sometimes even inventive.

Rachel Lai – Growth Hacking Trainee

One of my biggest takeaways from the traineeship was the importance of the growth mindset. I’ve not only implemented it in my work but also in my everyday life.

Pencil – The challenge, the Growth hacker solution and the TTI difference.

Pencil took part in The Talent Institute’s July 2019 program, where they were matched with our Growth Hacker Tom. Here is an insight into Pencil’s biggest challenge, our Growth Hackers approach to this challenge.

Alejandra Angeles – Growth Hacking Trainee

Hear from our trainee Alejandra Angeles.

Is Growth Hacker just a buzzword for Digital Marketer?

While the two work within the same parameters, they're not the same. Here is how they are different.

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